a smarter way to care for your loved ones

Divi is a personal mobile assistant for caregivers of all kinds. Taking care of a loved one is rewarding but hard work. You shouldn't have to go it alone. If you're feeling overwhelmed, why not team up with family and friends?

Get help every week

reclaim a few hours for yourself

You spend half your time driving, getting supplies, cooking and coordinating care. And that's an amazing thing. But chances are you have people close to you who want to help but don't know how. Let Divi find out for you.

Build A Circle

and deliver more care, more often

After downloading Divi, you can send invites and get support for shopping, driving, laundry and paying bills. Divi will reach out and get everyone securely on the same page.

Collect Help

with smart cards

Tell Divi what you need help with. The app will transform each task into a beautifully designed card for all your team to see. Use these cards to gather donations, send driving directions, and build shopping lists. Divi sends gentle reminders and suggestions to your team every week.

Make Help Easy

fits right in

Your team can launch maps, schedule events and donate with a tap. Divi connects with apps and services you already use today.

Our Goal

and next steps

Divi is inspired by personal stories of amazing caregivers and patients. We're gearing up for a private pilot. If you would like to be involved in any way, please sign up below to get updates.

Thank you for connecting with us!

We will send you updates about Divi soon.